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The Las Cruces Tea Party Meeting will be held Thursday, November 19, 2015 at the Mountainview Christian Church located at 241 Three Crosses Ave. in Las Cruces. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM.


LCTP is Pleased to Welcome NM State Representative Bill McCamley! Rep. McCamley graduated from Mayfield, NMSU, and Harvard. He was County Commissioner for 4 years from 2005-2008 and he is in his second term in the NM legislature. He currently holds two jobs. One is for a local engineering company, IDEALS Inc. The second is a contract business development position for AmplifyGPS tracking company out of College Station, TX. The hot topic of Rep. McCamley's presentation will be New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax. To reform this onerous issue is one of his current projects along with Republican Representative Jason Harper.

Hope to see you there.

God's blessings to each of you,

TAXES TAXES and more @#%& TAXES

We are the Tea Party - Taxed Enough Already!

Thank you,
Bev Courtney

This is not immigration reform. This is the dissolution of the nation state, of the principle that a government exists to serve its own people.

Take note...this immigration policy is not approved by US Citizens; is designed to plunder the middle class, consolidate power of federal government leadership and undermine our sovereignty. And it isn't only democrats. It is everyone who stands to get filthy rich while we the citizens become poorer. We cannot tolerate this. Vote...start local and do your homework. For Freedom, ~Bev

I believe this - - - and it is planned by the NWO people - they want chaos - - - The DEMS are enforcing it - - why? Instincts tell me that they want these people to vote in 2016. Obviously, they will vote for their benefactor - DEMS

Memo to GOP: Curb Immigration or Quit

By Senator Jeff Sessions and Congressman Dave Brat.

America is about to break every known immigration record. And yet you are unlikely to hear a word about it.

The Census Bureau projects that the foreign-born share of the U.S. population will soon eclipse the highest levels ever documented, and will continue surging to new record highs each year to come.

Yet activists and politicians who support unprecedented levels of immigration are never asked to explain how they believe such a policy will affect social stability, community cohesion or political assimilation.

They can simply cry out, “We must pass immigration reform!” without ever explaining what they believe “immigration reform” means.

Immigration reform should mean improvements to immigration policy to benefit Americans. But in Washington, immigration reform has devolved into a euphemism for legislation that opens America’s borders, floods her labor markets and gives corporations the legal right to import new foreign workers to replace their existing employees at lower pay.

Consider the giant special interests clamoring for the passage of the Senate’s 2013 “gang of eight” immigration bill: tech oligarchs represented by Mark Zuckerberg’s FWD.us, open borders groups such as La Raza, and the globalist class embodied by the billionaire-run Partnership for a New American Economy.

For these and countless other interest groups who helped write the bill, it delivered spectacularly: the tech giants would receive double the number of low-wage H-1B workers to substitute for Americans.

La Raza would receive the further opening of America’s borders (while Democrat politicians gain more political power).

And the billionaire lobby would receive the largest supply of visas for new low-skilled immigrants in our history, transferring wealth and bargaining power from workers to their employers.

What would be the effect on schools? On hospitals? On police departments? On labor conditions? On poverty? What would the effect be on millions of past immigrants forced to compete for scarce jobs and meager wages against these new arrivals?

Few seemed to ask, or care.

This is not immigration reform. This is the dissolution of the nation state, of the principle that a government exists to serve its own people.

When stories broke of loyal workers at Southern California Edison and Orlando Disney being forced by executives to train the lower-wage H-1B workers flown in to replace them, our political class could not be budged to even the slightest action.

No tears were spilled by a cultural elite who would march on Washington to get drivers’ licenses for illegal immigrants.

Instead of pleas for justice on behalf of these discarded workers, industry and lawmakers pushed for legislation that would acceleratetheir replacement. They demanded passage of the Immigration Innovation Act — a bill to triple the number of foreign tech workers brought in as lower-wage substitutes.

The narrative could not be allowed to depart from the approved script.

Here are the forbidden facts which have been edited out:

*The great and broadly-shared middle-class growth that occurred in the 20th century took place during a period of low immigration.

Following the 1880-1920 immigration wave, which saw the foreign-born population double from 7 million to 14 million people, Congress passed a law to reduce future immigration. Between 1920 and 1970, America’s foreign-born population shrank from 14 million to 9.6 million. For half a century, the number of immigrants declined both in total number and as a share of the population.

This period witnessed rapid wage growth.

According to the Congressional Research Service, from 1945 to 1970 — as the foreign-born population fell — the bottom 90 percent of wage earners saw an 82.5 percent increase in their wages. During this time, millions of prior immigrants were able to climb out of the tenements and into the middle class.

*In 1965, Congress passed a new immigration law which helped produce an unprecedented wave of low-skilled immigration. The foreign-born population more than quadrupled, from fewer than 10 million in 1970 to more than 42 million today.

In 1970, fewer than 1 in 21 residents were foreign-born, today it is approaching 1 in 7. In cities such as Los Angeles and New York, almost 4 in 10 current residents were born in another country. Onefifth of our residents now speak a language other than English at home. One-quarter of our residents is now either an immigrant or born to immigrant parents.

This ongoing immigration wave continues during a time when workers are being replaced with automation, when record numbers are living on welfare and when manufacturing plants are closing their doors.

All of this has combined to help create an immense wage-compressing surplus of labor: 66 million working-age residents are not working. Real average hourly earnings are lower now than they were in 1973.

The Congressional Research Service reports that during the 43 years between 1970 and 2013 — when the foreign-born population grew 325 percent — incomes for the bottom 90 percent of earners fell nearly 8 percent.

And yet, on autopilot, each year the U.S. further swells the labor supply by issuing millions of new visas to foreign nationals seeking jobs and residency in the United States.

*The green card is the immigration document responsible for the overwhelming majority of immigration into the United States.

One million green cards are now being handed out each and every year. This document legally invites foreign nationals to live permanently in the U.S., claim virtually all federal benefits, receive lifetime work authorization, and ultimately become voting citizens.

No nation on Earth admits more new permanent immigrants each year than the United States. No nation on Earth has more than one-fourth as many total immigrants as we do today. And no nation on Earth anywhere near as large ours has a higher percentage of foreign-born residents.

Over the next 10 years, the U.S. will hand out more green cards than the combined populations of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This has absolutely nothing to do with the border or immigration enforcement: These green cards will be issued — this year and a hundred years from now — unless Congress passes a law to prevent their issuance.

On top of this, the U.S. issues each year approximately 700,000 visas to temporary foreign workers, 500,000 visas to foreign students, and 100,000 visas to refugees and asylum-seekers.

Because these new immigrants and foreign workers arrive legally, corporations can legally substitute them for their existing workers at lower pay. From 2000 through 2014, all jobs gains among the working-age were claimed by foreign labor.

Moreover, because immigrant workers are paid lower salaries, their wages are subsidized by U.S. taxpayers. A recent report from the Center for Immigration Studies revealed that 3 in 4 immigrant households with kids are drawing welfare payments.

Including all forms of immigration, the Census Bureau estimates another 14 million immigrants will enter the U.S. on net between now and 2025 — that’s almost five times the number of students who will graduate from public high school in America this year.

Assuming no law is passed to reduce immigration, the Census Bureau estimates that, in less than eight years’ time, the percentage of U.S. residents born in a foreign-country will be the highest level in our history. And the bureau estimates — again, assuming Congress does not reduce immigration rates — that the foreign-born population share will keep rising to new all-time records for as long as they can project.

Pew Research Projects that new immigrants and their children will add another 103 million residents to the U.S. over the next five decades. That’s the population equivalent of 25 cities of Los Angeles.

Did any American vote for this extreme and untested policy?

Yet our politicians who have created this policy don’t print or speak a word about it. This remains the forbidden conversation.

And the reason it is not discussed is because it cannot withstand scrutiny. Pew Research polling found that Americans want immigration reduced — not increased — by an overwhelming 3 to 1 margin. A mere 20 percent of Democrat voters and a miniscule 7 percent of Republican voters want more immigration.

GOP pollster Kellyanne Conway found that colossal majorities of Hispanics and African-Americans — among those hurt the most by the unceasing arrival of new low-wage workers — want U.S. workers to be given preference for jobs. By nearly a 10 to 1 margin, Americans of all backgrounds believe companies should raise wages instead of importing new labor from abroad. This is the immigration reform voters want.

Rhetorical games grow weary. We’ve had vastly more immigration than ever before, but our politicians pretend like we’ve had very little. Nearly 1 in 4 residents aged 25-53 is not working, but our politicians talk of needing more immigration to fill “labor shortages.”

Billionaire CEOs bully and intimidate concerned parents into silence while helicoptering their own kids to the world’s most expensive private schools.

What is missing from this conversation is a sense of moderation, of limits and of compassion for struggling families.

It is not caring, but callous, to bring in so many workers that there are not enough jobs for them or those already living here. It is not mainstream, but extreme, to continue surging immigration beyond all historical precedent. And it is not rational, but radical, to refuse to recognize limits.

Lettered on our nation’s seal are the words E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. It does a disservice to both the country and the immigrant when we bring in larger numbers than we can reasonably expect to assimilate. If we allow our immigration system to replicate in America the same failed conditions which people have left, we are hurting the country and any who would seek to enter it in the future.

For that reason, we should only admit as many new arrivals as we can reasonably expect to absorb into our schools, labor markets and communities. We must never admit so large a number that the immigrants themselves are unlikely to enter the middle class or achieve stable incomes.

And we have to recognize that there are record millions already living inside our borders in desperate need of a job.

After nearly half a century of massive immigration it is time to turn our attention to our own residents. It is time to help our own workers, families and communities — immigrant and U.S.-born — rise together into the middle class.

We need an immigration policy that shows compassion for Americans.

Anyone running for the White House who cannot publicly commit to these principles should consider a different occupation. Americans should no longer have to wonder for whom their leaders work.

Senator Jeff Sessions is a Republican from Alabama and serves as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest. Congressman Dave Brat is a Republican from Virginia.

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Previous Meetings

October 15, 2015

Are you tired of Chicago style politics? Have you had enough of these tax & spend politicians?

Have you noticed that freedom to assemble and free speech have been blocked by local city bureaucrats?

Do you think our officials spend to much for legal fees because of all the lawsuits within and without city and county government?

Now is not the time to ignore our local government. We will not be silent.

Tell me your stories and send me your questions for our local city candidates.

We are pleased to welcome the below Candidates;

  • Miguel Silva, Mayoral Candidate and Current Councilman
  • Gregory Z. Smith, Current Councilman District 2
  • Philip VanVeen, Council Candidate District 2
  • Gilbert Vasquez, Council Candidate District 4
  • Kieran Francis Ryan, Judge

NOTICE: The forum will be at a different location ---- New Covenant Fellowship located at 20 Holy Cross Road and South Main.

Thursday, October 15, 2015, beginning at 6:30 pm. Watch for more details coming!

Las Cruces Tea Party By Laws Article 3; Mission

The LCTP is a non-partisan group dedicated to promoting the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and restraint, as well as individual freedoms and liberties guaranteed to the citizens of the United States by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The LCTP promotes active participation in the development of governmental policy in order to limit the tyranny that results from unrestrained legislation and taxation. The LCTP provides information, promotes self-education, involvement of the public at all levels, and provides a forum where American citizens have a chance to be heard.

God's blessings to each of you,

TAXES TAXES and more @#%& TAXES

We are the Tea Party - Taxed Enough Already!

Thank you,
Bev Courtney

City lets other groups use council chambers, but not TEA Party

NMPolitics.net the real story

By Heath Haussamen

The City of Las Cruces is letting two nonprofits — the League of Women Voters and the NAACP — hold candidate forums in the council chambers at City Hall before the Nov. 3 election.

But when the Las Cruces TEA Party, which is also a nonprofit, made a similar request, the city said no.

The TEA Party is instead holding its forum at a church on the south side of Las Cruces Thursday. But that’s not ideal, said TEA Party President Bev Courtney.

“I just wanted to make it a central location and make the TEA Party seem legitimate,” Courtney said of the desire to use the council chambers. “We feel discriminated against because we are also taxpayers.”

City spokesman Udell Vigil said City Hall is “not a free venue for non-governmental special events.” He said a “minor exception” has been granted to the League of Women Voters, which has been holding candidate forums in city buildings for the last 26 years and will hold another next Wednesday.

Similarly, the city let the NAACP use the council chambers for candidate forums in 2014 and earlier this month.

The city decided to “discontinue outside events at City Hall” because of concerns about “the frequency of forums and the potential effect on operations,” Vigil said. That decision was made after the city agreed to requests from the League of Women Voters and NAACP but before the TEA Party made its request, he said.

The moratorium will remain in place until the city comes up with a new policy. In the meantime, the League of Women Voters and NAACP are being “grandfathered in,” Vigil said. That’s why they’re allowed to hold forums this year and the TEA Party is not.

No timeline is in place for creation of a new policy. The city hasn’t yet decided whether such a policy should come from administration or the city council, according to Vigil.

Courtney, who has been involved in the TEA Party for five years, said the group is commonly denied access to public spaces that others are allowed to use. She believes that’s because of the TEA Party’s ideology.

On its website, the Las Cruces TEA Party calls itself a “non-partisan group dedicated to promoting the principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility and restraint, as well as individual freedoms and liberties guaranteed to the citizens of the United States by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”

“We don’t have any money. We’re not paid. We don’t pay people anything. We’re just your everyday, common working person, and retired people,” Courtney said. “They’re concerned with the direction the left is taking us.”

Courtney said she believes the City of Las Cruces is following a plan set out by the United Nations — Agenda 21 — that many on the right call an attempt to create a new world order.

Agenda 21 is a real U.N. plan, developed at a summit in Brazil in 1992. It’s a non-binding and voluntary plan for sustainable development worldwide. And Courtney believes it’s the reason the city won’t let the TEA Party use the council chambers for its forum.

“We are blocked and excluded from public events every which way I turn, so it’s basically causing our voice to not be heard,” Courtney said.

September 17, 2015

This is a reminder that the Las Cruces Tea Party Meeting will be held Thursday, September 17, 2015 at the Mountainview Christian Church located at 241 Three Crosses Ave. in Las Cruces. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM.

We are pleased to introduce Andrew Thomas as out guest speaker this month. He is Director of The Selous Foundation's Empower the States Project. Andrew comes to us offering solutions. According to The Stream Magazine this could be the one reform that works. It is up to us to educate and appeal to our Congressman to put the power to use and make it a presidential candidate issue. Please see related articles.

Push to reign in courts on Abortion and Illegal Immigration

Congress Must Use its "Doomsday Device" against Liberal Judges

Taking Down Left Leaning Judges

Please come and join the open discussion.

"Every individual has a natural and inalienable right to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience and reason." - The Constitution of the State of New Hampshire, 1784

See you there.

Bio - Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is a fellow at the Selous Foundation for Public Policy Research, a conservative think tank in Washington, D.C. As director of the Selous Foundation's Empower the States program, Andrew is organizing grassroots support across the country to end abuses by activist liberal judges. The Selous Foundation supports reforms that would allow the states and the people to pass their own laws to fight illegal immigration and crime, and to decide for themselves issues as abortion and marriage. Andrew and his family live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Breaking News

OBERGEFELL v. HODGES, OHIO Department of Health Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Ruling.

This Supreme Court decision directly attacks both the Constitution and Christian Religion. You need to be armed with the truth to fight this fight. Come and find out how to uphold the law.

August 20, 2015

The meeting will be at Mountain View Christian Chrurch; 271 Three Crosses Ave. August 20th at 6:30 PM. Please come and join the open discussion.

Joe Hawranek (Bio) will be our speaker . He knows about banking laws and global economy. He has written a book on his research and how it affects us. Joe recently penned an article on his website that is drawing national and international comments, OBERGEFELL v. HODGES, OHIO Department of Health Supreme Court Same Sex Marriage Ruling. He will present an analysis of this the Supreme Court Decision that directly attacks both the Constitution and the Christian Religion in America.

Our friend and compatriot Joe has done his research. This is critical for you to know how to defend our life & liberty. Hang with wise people and you get wiser!

We need to be heard in this community more than ever. Some battles are lost but not the future! When the failures of democrat and republican money monger politicians cause us harm, we should be ready and united to bring solutions. Hope to see you Thursday evening. God bless America. The Republic shall Stand. For Freedom,

A link to a Florida Tea Party website has a huge amount of info. I have permission from their president, Aileen Milton to use their link. It has a video of Kelly O'Connell speaking at our meeting. Video

July 16, 2015

Members and Friends:

Meeting tonight, July 16th, 2015

Come and join us in a discussion of current events. Terrorist have duped our federal government. The New World Order crowd and big business money mongers keep marching on. Half of America agrees with it. No matter..... we know its wrong and we know it cost us our liberty. Let the critics be damned, at least we can say to history we made a stand. We were not silent.

And taking care of business will be a priority. Everyone wonderful who volunteered at the Independence Day Picnic, please come. You are the real patriots! May God reward you now in this lifetime.

We meet at Mtn. View Christian Church, 271 Three Crosses Ave. 6:30 pm

See you there.

God's blessings to each of you,

TAXES TAXES and more @#%& TAXES

We are the Tea Party - Taxed Enough Already!

Thank you,

Bev Courtney