Welcome to the Las Cruces TEA Party

Members and Friends:

Meeting tonight, July 16th, 2015

Come and join us in a discussion of current events. Terrorist have duped our federal government. The New World Order crowd and big business money mongers keep marching on. Half of America agrees with it. No matter..... we know its wrong and we know it cost us our liberty. Let the critics be damned, at least we can say to history we made a stand. We were not silent.

And taking care of business will be a priority. Everyone wonderful who volunteered at the Independence Day Picnic, please come. You are the real patriots! May God reward you now in this lifetime.

We meet at Mtn. View Christian Church, 271 Three Crosses Ave. 6:30 pm

See you there.

God's blessings to each of you,

TAXES TAXES and more @#%& TAXES

We are the Tea Party - Taxed Enough Already!

Thank you,

Bev Courtney